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Your premiere center of rehabilitation for car accidents, sports injuries, and overall wellness. Located in Miami, FL – iCare Chiropractic, P.A. is committed to helping the community overcome the pain and suffering commonly caused by musculoskeletal injuries.

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Chiropractor in West Miami, FL

Did you know that patients under chiropractic care are less likely to undergo surgery and less likely to use pain medications?

Chiropractor in West Miami, FL

With over 15 years of clinical experience taking care of patients with neck pain, back pain, sports injuries, and victims of car accidents- our mission is to help you achieve your rehab and wellness objective by looking at the root cause of your problems and not merely the symptoms.

We invite you to explore our website and social media pages to learn more about how iCare chiropractic, P.A. can help you improve your quality of life, well-being, and athletic performance.

iCare Chiropractic, P.A. is proud to serve the communities of Miami, Coral Gables, Flagami, Miami Airport, West Miami, West Flagler, and Blue Lagoon FL.

Chiropractor in West Miami, FL

Sports Chiropractic
Chiropractor in West Miami, FL
Auto Accidents

Chiropractor in West Miami, FL

Personal injury

Chiropractor in West Miami, FL

Chronic Pain

Chiropractor in West Miami, FL


Chiropractor in West Miami, FL

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Fabian O.

Anthony is very thorough, knowledgeable and friendly. Definitely the best chiropractor I have ever visited. He is true to appointment times and parking is very convenient. Highly recommended!

Lorena M.

Dr. Anthony Rodriguez was my chiropractor for a couple months. He was phenomenal! After every visit I would feel instantly better. Also, he would always accommodate us for any last minute visits! Would recommend 10/10!

Lynnette D.

Amazing staff, spectacular modern office and effective treatments. I have been treated for back and neck pain, after the first visit I was able to feel much better! Thank you Dr. Rodriguez!!

Veronica F.

Dr. Anthony Rodriguez is an amazing Chiropractor, he really cares for his patients! Love his professionalism. Always on point. Highly recommend!

Frances T.

Excellent office and modern equipment. Dr. Anthony Rodríguez is a professional and very knowledgeable chiropractor. He really care about his patients. I highly recommend this clinic.

Patrick L.

Dr. Rodriguez is very knowledgeable and is up to date with the latest methods and it’s true, he really cares.

Enrique P.

Excellent service and a great human quality. Dr. Rodriguez has shown great knowledge in his area of work and a genuine interest in improving the quality of life of his patients. I recommend it 100%!

Jose Antonio V.

I recommend 100% to Dr. Anthony Rodriguez. Not only for being a spectacular doctor with excellent knowledge of his area but also for his great human quality and service.